Meal planning made simple

Planning a meal shouldn't be like making a dream board.PantryPlan keeps menus realistic by starting from the ingredients you already have.

Non-aspirational meal plans

Use what you have

PantryPlan plans meals you'll enjoy using ingredients you already have.The choice before PantryPlan was to have small packets of ingredients delivered at a premium or to waste money buying ingredients you won't use again.

Reduce Waste

Use what is expiring

One of the worst feelings is opening your fridge and finding that chicken you swore you were going to cook expired a few days ago.PantryPlan prioritizes expiring ingredients so you won't have to throw them away.

Early Adopter

$5 / month

As a thank you for being an early adopter, you will get the forever price of $5 per month.You can try out the product as much as you like before paying.

  • Unlimited meal planning

  • Track your expiration dates

  • Lots more features planned... all for $5 per month

Email or tweet me if you have other problems with meal planning or suggestions.

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